The Benefits of Using Pens in Your Promo Campaign (And Where to Find Wholesale Promotional Pens in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Online)

Pens have long been one of the most common corporate gifts. Companies that send their customers complimentary packages in the mail often include a pen. Many businesses hand out pens as giveaways at sidewalk sales, job fairs and other events. Banks, hotels, resorts, automotive shops and other types of business often have a cup of branded pens available for customer use at their establishments. Indeed, it's almost rare to find a company that doesn't have a pen with their name and contact information printed on the side.


Why do so many companies use promotional pens? Quite simply, they act as an advertising technique in a subtle and personal way that other types of marketing don't. At AAC ID Solutions, we have been in business for 20 years now, and wholesale promotional pens remain among the most popular products in Sydney, Brisbane and throughout Australia. We have designed custom printed pens for thousands of companies in countless different ways, and have found that they are used in virtually all industries.


Why Promotional Pens Might Be Worth a Try


Are you considering printing promotional pens for your business—either as corporate gifts or for office use? Before you start shopping for wholesale promotional pens online with AAC ID Solutions, consider these reasons for their near-universal appeal.


They are affordable: While some designer 'luxury' pens can be quite expensive, most pens are affordable to buy in bulk. At AAC ID Solutions, we offer wholesale promotional pens in Melbourne and Sydney, making custom pens almost as affordable as regular pens. We even send you a sample, so that you can approve your design before you finalise a bulk order.


They are perfect for reminding customers about your business: Promotional pens are among the most affordable tactics for driving customer retention. When customers stay at your hotel or bring their car to your auto body shop, you can't always count on them to remember you later. Consumers these days live busy lives populated by many brands. Establishments that they visit on an infrequent basis, then, tend to leave their minds. Giving each customer a promotional pen is beneficial because it makes your business easier for previous or existing customers to remember.


They are universally useful: Businesses try many promotional products to encourage customer retention. From keychains to small flashlights to bottle openers, promotional gifts can take many different forms. Pens are among the best of these gifts because they are so universally useful. The average person uses pens on a regular basis—whether to take notes for school or work, to make grocery lists or to write down phone numbers. Imagine if each time a customer had to write something down with a pen, they saw your company's brand name and contact information right there in their hand?


Buying Wholesale Promotional Pens in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney

Are you interested in trying out promotional pens as a means of advertising to your customers? Start shopping for wholesale promotional pens online at AAC ID Solutions. Click here to get started today.