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AAC ID Solutions sells wholesale promotional items online for delivery to Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and the rest of Australia and the rest of the world. When we accept an order we ensure that all the details are correct for prompt shipping of your wholesale promotional items to Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. We are unique in the wholesale promotional online business for several reasons:

  • Unparalleled customer service: Quality customer service is our motto.
  • We manufacture our wholesale promotional items ourselves. Making these items ensure we offer superior quality and being the manufacturer also helps ensure that the wristband (or other wholesale promotional item) cannot be easily copied or faked. This ensures that no non-paying participant will attend your Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane event at a cost to you.
  • We pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop, so anything that your business needs to have for the perfect business event, we have it, or we will get it for you.
  • We collaborate with you and establish your goals for the event. Then, based on your goals, we make recommendations on the type of wholesale promotional items that will serve you best for a well-organised business event.
  • We have a price beat guarantee too. Let’s say you’ve shopped around, looking for the most competitive price, and now you've come to us with a quote. We are always priced competitively and will either meet or beat your priced quote.

Providing Quality Wholesale Promotional Items in Sydney

The main reason for wholesale promotional items in Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne for your business event is security, and we are the leader in ensuring that you have quality wholesale promotional items for maximum event security. Our products are made of the best quality silicone (for wristbands), polyester (for sweatbands), and slap bands, an excellent alternative to silicone, which enables full-colour printing for artwork or text on the item.


Wristbands have gained popularity for various reasons. Wristbands are used to track fitness goals, or to energise the wearer, or to identify a member of a group of people on a team, who also are usually wearing the same coloured shirt, so mates can easily identify each other and stay together. We provide two types of wristbands:

  • ID wristbands - As noted above, ID wristbands help identify attendees of an event or keep mates on a team together. A fundraising, for instance, may have different wristbands, in various colours, with the different titles on them, such as organiser, helper, or sponsor.
  • Promotional Wristbands - Promotional wristbands are used by businesses as a marketing tool, to circulate their name in the business world and to generate new business, either by reminding existing customers to buy from them again or by enlisting those who may be in need of their products.

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Here at AAC ID Solutions, we are a one-stop shop that sells wholesale promotional items when you need them. We sell wholesale promotional items online and in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Call us today or email us to choose the best wholesale promotional items for your event.