Full Colour Plastic Wristbands


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Full colour plastic wristbands can be used as 'wristband tickets' and form part of the AAC range of digital wristbands that can incorporate unique text and barcodes to create completely individual wristband designs.

Full colour plastic wristbands utilise a secure single use clip that, once applied, cannot be removed. This makes the wristband non transferrable and ideal for use at events and festivals lasting 1-3 days, as well as venues where security is important.

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The plastic wristband itself is made from a strong and durable material, and AAC incorporates a security-orientated wave design in its wristband shape to prevent copying.

Full colour plastic wristbands can include photo image quality artwork, as well as unique text, barcodes and seriel numbering, creating a wristband ticket for any event or venue.

How quickly can I receive Full Colour Plastic wristbands?
Full colour plastic wristbands can be dispatched within 1 week of an order being confirmed, subject to quantity and requirements.

Who uses Full Colour Plastic wristbands?
Full colour plastic wristbands are used by VIP events, small festivals, corporate days, school functions, parties etc.

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