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Laminates are used by events and music festivals as accreditation. Whilst often these might be produced in house, with varying degrees of success, it is always best to have these produced professionally.


Laminates can be supplied in various sizes, and can also be customised with variable data, barcodes, metallic inks and more to create a truly unique design and effect.

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Accreditation at events is of growing importance, especially as more advanced printing methods are becoming available to joe public, meaning the chances of forgeries appearing is also growing every year.


For this reason, events and music festivals in particular are encouraged to look at more advanced security measures within their accreditation. This might include the use of unique size cards, metallic inks (or foil stamping), sequential numbering, unique barcodes, QR codes and more.


How quickly can laminates be produced?

Our highly specialised event laminates require 3-4 weeks for production.


Who uses laminates?

Music festivals, events, nightclubs