AAC ID Solutions is the leading supplier of guest identification and merchandise solutions for caravan and holiday parks all over Australia.



The challenges faced by caravan and holiday parks

From discussions with our customers in this industry, we know that the biggest challenges facing caravan and holiday parks are as follows:


Guest identification

95% of caravan park and holiday park managers, at parks with facilities such as swimming pools, let us know that their biggest challenge was identifying their patrons. This is crucial in preventing non-paying visitors from having access to facilities.


You spend a lot of time and money on your facilities, whether they be swimming pools, game rooms, tennis courts, children play areas etc, and you want to make sure that only revenue-generating guests enjoy the privilege of using these facilities.


Generating more revenue from merchandise

A number of park managers communicated to us that they have struggled to generate additional revenue from merchandise, and that this is a key challenge for them. It is worth looking at, because this additional revenue stream can easily generate $20,000+ in annual profit for many medium sized parks.




Identifying patrons

Wristbands are the most cost effective and functional solution available anywhere for identifying your guests. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but they are also easy for your team to view from a distance. Wristbands are:

  • Non transferrable
  • Sequentially numbered
  • Available in bright, vibrant colours
  • Low cost - even cheaper than you think!
  • Available plain or custom printed

Whether you require bands to identify guests for a single day, or for up to (and over) a week, AAC has exactly what you require.


Talk to AAC today about guest identification wristbands. Email us here, or call at 1300 797 478.


Generate real profit from merchandise

A well run merchandise program can generate genuine profit for your park, whist also promoting your brand for years to come. So what does a well run merchandise program look like? This is where AAC can assist you!

  • Select the right kind of products for your target market. They should relevant and interesting.
  • Determine a smart price point. There is no point making 400% margins on products if you don't sell any.
  • Display your products in a professional manner that increases their perceived value, and in a location that is frequently used.
  • Communicate the availability of branded merchandise to your guests, especially seasonal items like suncream, umbrellas etc - verbally, with signage etc
  • Advertise the merchandise on your website.

AAC ID Solutions is the merchandise expert for caravan and holiday parks. We can help you generate thousands of dollars of profit, and quickly.


Talk to AAC today about a merchandise program. Email us here, or call at 1300 797 478.