AAC ID Solutions is the leading supplier of accreditation, access control and membership solutions for turfclubs and raceclubs all over Australia.


The challenges faced by turfclubs and raceclubs

From discussions with our customers in this industry, we know that the biggest challenges facing turfclubs and raceclubs are as follows:


Access control

Controlling access at the gate is crucial, not just for your revenue (and protecting entry payments), but for the safety and security of your patrons. This is also true when it comes to monitoring marquees, corporate boxes/facilities, VIP areas, and ensuring that patrons who have paid a premium still enjoy a premium experience. Below, we present solutions to assist with your access control.


Adding value to memberships

Your members (and their fees) are the lifeblood of your club, and with competition for these membership dollars being tougher than ever, you need to add as much value to your membership as possible. The feedback we have received is that this is an annual challenge, and that a lot of effort goes in to membership planning.




Access control and tab management solutions

Throw away those stamps - they're too easy to transfer to other people which means that you're losing revenue! Wristbands provide a far more secure solution.


Control access to your club, marquees or VIP areas with security wristbands from AAC.

  • Non transferrable
  • Sequentially numbered
  • Bright, vibrant colours
  • Low cost - cheaper than you think!
  • Plain or custom printed
  • Full colour options, with barcoding

Talk to AAC today about security wristbands. Email us here, or call at 1300 797 478.


Adding value to your membership

AAC ID Solutions are the membership experts. Not only can we design and produce your membership cards, with all manner of additional fucntionality, sequential numbering, foil stamping and personalised names, but we can also offer a wealth of other products for your members.

  • High quality membership cards
  • Added value membership packs and merchandise

AAC works with a range of clubs on their own membership products and merchandise range - from t-shirts, caps and stubby coolers, to bags, pens and stickers.


The benefit of utilising more membership collatoral is that the products can also double as merchandise, which can be sold at tremendous margins.


Talk to AAC today about adding value to your membership. Email us here, or call at 1300 797 478.