AAC ID Solutions is the leading supplier of accreditation, access control and merchandise solutions for bars and nightclubs all over Australia.



The challenges faced by bars and nightclubs

From discussions with our customers in this industry, we know that the biggest challenges facing bars and nightclubs are as follows:


Access control

Controlling access at the door is crucial, not just for your revenue (and protecting entry payments), but for the safety and security of your patrons. This is also true when it comes to monitoring VIP areas, and ensuring that patrons who have paid a premium still enjoy a premium experience. Below, we present solutions to assist with your access control. The days of the easily transferable stamp are long gone!


Tab management

Managing tabs in a busy environment can be tricky, and our research shows that most venues struggle with confusion from their patrons when it comes to settling a tab. Opportunistic patrons will always attempt to order drinks under someone elses tab, especially if you have a large party of people.


Revenue generation outside of F&B

Whilst the vast majority of your revenue will always come from food and bevarage sales, events and entry payments, our customers have let us know that they are always seeking new ways to generate revenue. AAC can offer a solution for this too.




Access control and tab management solutions

Throw away those stamps - they're too easy to transfer to other people which means that you're losing revenue! Wristbands provide a far more secure solution.


Control access to your venue, event or VIP area with security wristbands from AAC.

  • Non transferrable
  • Sequentially numbered
  • Bright, vibrant colours for areas with low lighting
  • Low cost - cheaper than you think!
  • Plain or custom printed


Talk to AAC today about security wristbands. Email us here, or call at 1300 797 478.


Generating more revenue with your own merchandise

What would an extra $25,000 annual profit do to your overall financial situation? What about $100,000? Finding ways to generate more revenue is crucial for all businesses, and nightclubs are no different.


AAC works with a range of venues on their own merchandise range - from t-shirts, glassware and stubby coolers, to glow in the dark silicone bands, tattoos and snapback caps.


With average mark-ups being in the region of 100%, and with proper display and merchandising at your venue, you can very quickly develop a brand new revenue centre, with the added bonus that your patrons are then promoting your venue by wearing your gear!


We are experts in maximising your ROI - let us help you generate more money!


Talk to AAC today about security wristbands. Email us here, or call at 1300 797 478.